Possible Theories

Many of these theories have some element which makes them in some way reasonable. However often they can only be related to a specific types of dinosaur, such as herbivores or carnivores, or to those which lived in a certain habitat.

Changes in the atmosphere

Changes in climate. Changes in the minimum and maximum temperatures could have imposed stresses upon the dinosaurs that they could not adapt to in sufficient time. Every possible change in climate appears to have been suggested for the downfall of the dinosaurs. Also try Climate change page!

  • There has also been a suggestion that caterpillars ate all the plants, leaving nothing for the herbivores to munch.

  • Changes in the DNA of dinosaur cells. A variety of genetic mutations could have resulted in weird and wonderful creatures being created, which could not survive.

  • Floral Changes. There are numerous related theories, due to the increase and dispersal of angiosperms towards the end of the Cretaceous.

    However a weakness with many of these floral theories is that the main diversification of the plants took place about 40 million years before the end of the Cretaceous. The rise of these plants was also accompanied by a diversification of the herbivores, hence they would have adapted to the changes in their diet. Furthermore, the rise of the angiosperms would have been a relatively slow process, and therefore vegetarian species would have had time to adapt to changes in their diet.

    The moon was extracted from the Pacific Basin, which would upset the atmosphere and climate.

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