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My Experience - Jess Pollitt
I was attracted to the MSc in Palaeobiology both for its broad-based training in palaeontology and also for the wide range of transferable skills that it teaches.

While palaeontological training is, of course, by no means a requirement for a career in academic publishing, the skills required for each role are remarkably similar. An eye for detail is essential in both fields and the Scientific Communication unit gave me a detailed understanding of the process of publishing scientific work.

The research project was my favourite part of the MSc course as it gave me the chance to really get stuck into an original piece of research, to publish my first scientific paper and to travel to visit important museum specimens. During this part of the course I learnt the important skills of project and time management.

These skills are vital in my present role as Production Editor at the Geological Society of London Publishing House: I am currently responsible for managing the publication of geological books and journals from the acceptance of the manuscripts to the printing of the finished volume. The breadth of technical knowledge I gained during the MSc also allows me to better understand the detail of the texts I work with.

In summary I would recommend the Palaeobiology MSc programme to anybody interested in palaeontology or the communication and dissemination of science as a whole.

Jess Pollitt - February 2010

Jess completed the MSc in 2002, went to a PhD at the University of Bath, completed that in 2007, and is now working at the Geological Society of London Publishing House in Bath as a technical editor.

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