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MSc Research Projects

Research projects under offer, or underway, by the current cohort of MSc students are listed in outline below, and full details may be read here.

Project 1: The oldest hadrosaurids from the Pyrenees: phylogenetic and palaeobiogeographic implications
Project 2: Chemistry of the fossil feathers from Jehol, China
Project 3: An undescribed Late Triassic crurotarsan archosauriform from Pant-y-ffynnon Quarry
Project 4: Morphofunctional trends in Crocodylomorpha
Project 5: The validity of Pachycrocuta sinensis (Owen, 1870)
Project 6: Experimental decay of volvocalean algae and the affinities of Precambrian 'animal embryos'
Project 7: The preservation potential of cell organelles and the implications for the early eukaryote fossil record
Project 8: Examining the exceptional phosphatization of soft tissue using CT analysis
Project 9: Using micro-CT analysis to determine the evolutionary significance of the feeding appendage in solute echinoderms
Project 10: Inferring the larval development of the ancestral echinoderm
Project 11: Patterns, processes, rates, and constraints, in the evolution of morphological disparity
Project 12: Dating tips for palaeobiologists
Project 13: Resolving rangeomorph internal anatomy
Project 14: Genome duplication and the evolution of arthropod phenotypic complexity
Project 15: The taphonomy of chinless wonders from Cretaceous of Lebanon and 4D experimental taphonomy
Project 16: Are divergence time estimates (across the Metazoa) dependent on the strategy used to code the characters?
Project 17: The daily activity pattern of the last common archosaur ancestor
Project 18: Scorpion evolution: linking molecular and morphological evolution through time
Project 19: The distribution of convergence in morphological datasets
Project 20: Insights into the evolution of vertebrate terrestrial feeding: comparative morphology and mechanics of aquatic and terrestrial feeding salamanders
Project 21: Biomechanics of kangaroo feet: hopping for a better resolution
Project 22: Functional morphology and biomechanics of brasilodontids and the evolution of the mammalian skull
Project 23: 3D flight mechanics in the basal short-tailed bird Confuciusornis sanctus
Project 24: The skull biomechanics of Mesozoic terrestrial crocodilians
Project 25: Benthic foraminiferal response to the hothouse of the Paleocene
Project 26: Strategies in times of crisis - the Eocene hyperthermal Event 2 (ETM2)
Project 27: The origin of planktic foraminifers - novel methods for an old question
Project 28: How does an arthropod see a mollusk?
Project 29: Macroevolution of shell colour patterns
Project 30: Is Titanichthys a suspension feeder?
Project 31: Using colour patterns to infer the ecology and evolution of ancient fishes
Project 32: Tiny early Cambrian priapulids - new species or just tiny?
Project 33: Genome evolution of symbiosis in the Archaea
Project 34: Investigating the formative stages of coastal economies in East Africa through lipid biomarker and single compound stable isotope proxies from preserved organic residues in ancient pottery

Projects completed by former graduates of the MSc programme are listed here.

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