Diapsid subgroups

  • The details of the phylogeny of diapsids are still debated. The broad pattern of diapsid evolution is, however, agreed: the basal forms, Araeoscelidia and others, and then the split into two major infraclasses: Lepidosauromorpha and Archosauromorpha. These make up the group Neodiapsida.
  • A current diapsid classification according to Benton (2005) is given here.

Current view of diapsid phylogeny (from Benton, 2005)


Basal Forms

Order Araeoscelidia*

Family Weigeltisauridae*

Order Younginiformes*

Infraclass Lepidosauromorpha

Division Euryapsida*

Superorder Pachypleurosauria

Superorder Sauropterygia

Order Placodontia

Order Nothosauria

Order Plesiosauria

Division Ichthyosauria*

Superorder Lepidosauria

Order Sphenodontia

Order Squamata

Suborder Sauria (or Lacertilia)+

Suborder Serpentes (or Ophidia)

Infraclass Archosauromorpha

Division Archosauria

Subdivision Crurotarsi

Superorder Crocodylomorpha

Order Crocodylia

Subdivision Ornithodira

Order Pterosauria*

Suborder Rhamphorynchoidea+

Suborder Pterodactyloidea

Superorder Dinosauria

Order Saurischia

Suborder Theropoda

Suborder Sauropodomorpha*

Order Ornithischia*

Suborder Thyreophora

Suborder Cerapoda

Class Aves

*=Group has no living member

+=Group is paraphyletic

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