Theropoda : Coelurosauria (3)

Cladogram courtesy of T. Holtz 2004 (

(1)TYRANNOSAUROIDEA "tyrant dinosaurs"


Nanotyrannus by Todd Marshall (2004)

(2) ORNITHOMIMOSAURIA "bird mimic dinosaurs"

(3) MANIRAPTORA "hand snatchers" (4)


Oviraptor with chicks, by J. Sibbick (1996), Feathered Oviraptor by Todd Marshall (2004)


  • These were the most bizarre of all of the theropods, having long prosauropod-like necks and heads with leaf-shaped teeth only in the back of the mouth, for eating vegetation
  • Broad hips with the pubes pointed backwards to allow for large herbivorous intestinal track
  • Huge scythe-shaped manual claws
  • Four functional toes in the feet
  • Probably feathered at some point in life cycle

Therizinosaurus by Todd Marshall (2004)


(4) EUMANIRAPTORA "true maniraptorans" (2)


Author: Emma Schachner
Last updated: 13 November 2004
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