The Coleoptera include beetles and weevils. The first pair of wings in coleopterans are hard and armour-like. They fold over the second pair, which are the wings used primarily in flight. While they are not in flight, the first pair of wings form a hard shell, and the second flight wings are not visible.

The larvae, usually known as grubs, live in the soil or under the bark of a tree, and can grow fairly large. They emerge as fully grown beetles/weevils after a pupal stage, and feed on a wide range of food.

The Coleoptera comprise the largest order of insects and also the largest order in the animal kingdom. The order contains an estimated 300,000 described species, which is 40% of the whole Insecta.

The Coleoptera have been the dominant insect order from the early Jurassic.

Japanese Dynastid Beetle

Allomina dichotoma dichotoma

30 - 55 mm

Feed mainly on tree sap


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