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Sphenodontia (Rhynchocephalia)

The Rhynchocephalia include Gephyrosaurus and its sister group the Sphenodontia. However, because of the erroneous association of the Rhynchosauria with the Rhynchocephalia in the past, and the similarity in names, many recent authors have chosen to abandon the term Rhynchocephalia altogether to avoid any confusion. Therefore we will use the name Sphenodontia more inclusive to refer to both Gephyrosaurus and the more derived forms.

Gephyrosaurus and the more derived Sphenodontida originate in the Upper Triassic.

The Tuatara from New Zealand is the only extant sphenodontid.

Find out about extinct Sphenodontia.


Author: Koen Stein
Last updated: 21/11/2005
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