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Below is a list of all the known Nectridean species and the families to which they belong. Incertae sedis = unclassified. From Bossy & Milner 1998.
Family Urocordylidae
Subfamily Sauropleurine
Sauropleura pectinata
Sauropleura scalaris
Sauropleura bairdi sp. nov.
Montcellia longicaudata
Lepterpeton dobbsii
Crossotelos annulatus
Subfamily Urocordylinae
Urocordylus wandesfordii
Ctenerpeton remix
Ptyonius marshii
?Ptyonius olisthmonaias

Family Diplocaulidae
Keraterpeton galvani
Keraterpeton longtoni sp. nov.

Batrachiderpeton reticulatum
Diceratosaurus brevirostris
Diplocaulus salamandrioides
Diplocaulus magnicornis
Diplocaulus brevirostris
Diplocaulus recurvatus
Diplocaulus parvus
Diplocaulus primus
Diplocaulus minimus
Diploceraspis burkei

Family Scincosauridae
Scincosaurus crassus
Scincosaurus spinosus
Sauravus costei
Sauravus cambrayi

incertae sedis
Arizonerpeton wellsi

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Author: Iain McIntyre
Last updated: 19/11/2006
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