Modern Forms


 Yellow-Winged Darter


Today there are about 6500 living species of dragonflies, within 600 genera. They are most abundant in the tropics. However, they do occur in a great variety of habitats including, semi-desert regions, alpine regions, and even within the Arctic. The modern order is divided into two main suborders: Zygoptera (damselflies) and Epiprocta. Epiprocta is then further subdivided into two infraorders, the Anisoptera ( true dragonflies) and the Anisozygoptera (a relic group). The inferaorder, Anisozygoptera, largely known from the fossil record, however there is one extant representative species in Japan and one in the Himalayas.The common name "dragonfly" is often used to refer to the whole order.

Author: Andre Butler
Last updated: 20th November 2005
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