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Ophiuroidea Literature and Web Links

References used for the information and pictures in this website:

Clarkson, E.N.K.  Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution. Fourth Edition. Blackwell Press

Wikipidea -  On line Encyclopedia, excellent for a brief overview on Ophiuroidea.

Tree of Life
- Good for a brief description of the classification of Ophiuroidea.

Starfish - A marine biology website, useful for complete descriptions of brittle stars. It has many wacky pages of starfish in the news. Includes all new material on all the studies being carried out on echinoderms.

Biodidac - a website with drawings and images for the illustration of the morphology.

Reef Education - a good overview for echinoderms, with good illustrations.

Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center/South Carolina Department of Natural Resources - an excellent source of beautiful images of all marine life.

Author: Lorna O'Brien
Last updated: 19/11/2006
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