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Ophiuroidea Major Groups

Classification of Echinodermata

Fossil of extinct blastoidea Fossils of extinct blastoids
Picture of an extant sea urchin Picture of a spiney sea urchin
Picture of a brittle star in sea grass Picture of a small brittle star in sea grass
Red-knobbed starfish from the Indian Ocean Red-knobbed starfish, from the Indian ocean
Picture of a feather star Picture of a feather star
Picture of a sea cumber in shallow marine water Picture of a sea cucumber in shallow sea water

The position of Ophiuroidea class in the Echimodermata clade is still uncertain, two hypothesis (see below) have been proposed. 

two alternate hypothesis for echimoderm groupings

The Ophiureoidea are the most diverse class if the echinoderms, with more than 250 described genera and 2000 known species. The modern subgroups are outlined below. 

Author: Lorna O'Brien
Last updated: 19/11/2006
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