Fossil Groups

Fossil Record

As the Temnsospondyli survived for 220 million years, they can be split into three main groups. Those that originated in the Early Carboniferous, those found after the Late Permian/Early Triassic and those found after the Early Jurassic. The fossil record of the temnospondyls is relatively good. There are hundreds if not thousands of  fossils for most of the common species. Eryops is one of the most common species found and at 2m in length also one of the biggest for its time. The fossil record is also good enough for comments to be made upon neoteny and larval stages of the different species. This is something that the Temnospondyli shares in common with the more commonly known Lissamphibia (modern frogs, toads, salamanders, newts and caecelians). Some of these Larval forms are relatively common, eg. Branchiosaurus. Indeed fossils of this species can be bought for as little as $70 or £45.

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