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Major subgroups

The following classification scheme is taken from Benton MJ (2005) Vertebrate Palaeontology. 3rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

Groups have living members unless they are marked *


Class Aves

*Family Archaeopterygidae



Subclass Pygostylia

*Family Confuciusornithidae

*Order Oviraptorosauria

Infraclass Ornithothoraces

*Order Enantiornithes

Supercohort Ornithomorpha



Cohort Ornithurae

*Order Hesperornithiformes

Subcohort Carinatae

*Order Ichthyornithiformes

Superdivision Neornithes

Division Palaeognathae

*Order Lithornithiformes

Order Ratites

Division Neognathae

Subdivision Galloanserae

Order Anseriformes

Order Galliformes

Subdivision Neoaves

Superorder unnamed ("waterbird assemblage")

Infraorder unnamed

Order Gruiformes

Order Ralliformes

Infraorder unnamed

Order Pelecaniformes

Order Ciconiiformes

Infraorder unnamed

Order Charadriiformes

Order Phoenicopteriformes

Order Podicepidiformes

Order Falconiformes

Order Procellariformes

Order Gaviiformes

Order Sphenisciformes

Order Strigiformes

Superorder unnamed

Order Apodiformes

Order Caprimulgiformes

Order Musophagiformes

Order Columbiiformes

Order Psittaciformes

Order Cuculiformes

Superorder unnamed ("higher land birds")

Order Piciformes

Order Coliiformes

Order Trogoniformes

Order Bucerotiformes

Order Coraciiformes

Order Passeriformes

Author: Robert Davis
Last updated: 21/11/05

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