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Morrison Formation, USA

General Stegosaur References

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North American Stegosaurs

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Asian Stegosaurs

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African Stegosaurs

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European Stegosaurs

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Stegosaur Fossil Record and Palaeobiology

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Stegosaurs in Popular Culture

Brusatte, S. 2002. Stately Fossils: A Comprehensive Look at the State Fossils and other Official Fossils. Fossil News, Boulder Colorado.

Web Links

There are few well-written and accurate websites on stegosaurs.  Here are three of the best:

Dino Land: a large site, containing information on stegosaurs and many other dinosaurs, as well as book reviews, articles, and photos.

DinoData: one of the best general websites for dinosaur-related information.

Wikipedia: Stegosaurus: a good overview of stegosaur anatomy, evolutionary, and popular culture.


All photos were taken by the author (Steve Brusatte) unless otherwise cited.  Many photos were kindly provided by Susie Maidment of Cambridge University, whose in-progress research on stegosaurs promises to better our understanding of stegosaur phylogeny and evolution.

Author: Stephen Brusatte
Last updated: 01/11/2006
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