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There is no single solution to the issue of frauds. In the main scientific community many steps are being taken to prevent repeats of the Archaeoraptor fiasco. In defence of the scientific community, they did recognise Archaeoraptor as a fraud in both of the major peer-reviewed journals (Science and Nature). Peer-review as well as greater scientific care when studying fossils, including the use of x-rays and CT scans, quickly determine if fossils are real. This increased awareness does decrease the chances of major frauds occurring in the future.

Reducing the major frauds is a lot easier than reducing the number of fakes entering the market. This is due to the lack of policing of fossils, and a naive public not being able to identify fakes. Fossil dealers (whether individuals or auctions) and buyers need to be educated in what to look for, and by not buying fakes there is no incentive to have more made by fraudsters.