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Evolutionary Theory and Creationism
Creationists, both online and in print, devote a great deal of text space to the issue of frauds in palaeontology. As detailed in this site, there are indeed examples of hoaxes, mistakes, and deliberate deception, as is true with any scientific field.

The attention given to a select number of cases is rather misleading, and suggestive that all fossils, and thus by association, all evidence for evolution, should be subject to accusations of forgery. As well as this, it is the implication that scientists in general are not to be trusted, or that judgment is so clouded by an evolutionary view that obvious mistakes cannot be detected (see the Archaeoraptor page in Answers in Genesis).

Two things are worth noting. (1) The frauds have been unmasked by scientists, and evolutionists at that. This is evidence that science is on the whole self-correcting, and the role of the scientist is to be sceptical. The frauds were not exposed by creationists. (2) These incidences are somewhat overshadowed by the sheer volume of genuine fossil material that has been discovered in the last two centuries and more, and studied by scientists in an attempt to understand the complex history of our planet and the life that existed before us.

In the simplest terms, it really is a pain to part with a lot of money for something that is not the real thing. Museums and academic institutions all over the world have fallen victim to this, exchanging vast sums of money for rare fossils that turned out to be fraudulent. This practice is still occurring today, both in the public and private fossil collection sectors, and a move towards online fossil sales has only increased reported cases of trickery.