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These pages were created as part of the MSci Palaeontology and Evolution course by Thomas Fletcher, Michael Henehan and Phillip Powell.
The major events in the history of dinosaur palaeontology:

1676 Robert Plot illustrates the first dinosaur bone without recognising its true identity
1809 William Smith finds an Iguanodon specimen but cannot identify it
1822 Gideon Mantell finds Iguanodon toothl
1824 William Buckland describes Megalosaurus, the first recognised dinosaur, although nameless as yet
1825 Mantell describes Iguanodon
1833 Hylaeosaurus discovered by Gideon Mantell
1836 Edward Hitchcock discovers Dinosaur footprints
1842 Richard Owen creates name ‘Dinosauria’ (‘terrible lizards’) for these new reptiles
1853 Crystal Palace exhibition opened
1855 First North American Dinosaurs discovered by F.V.Hayden
1877 'Berlin' Archaeopteryx found and discovery of Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus by O.C.Marsh
1888 Discovery of the first Triceratops by J. B. Hatcher for O. C. Marsh
1902 Discovery of first Tyrannosaurus rex remains in Montana, by Barnum Brown
1923 First discoveries of dinosaurs from Mongolia
1970 John Ostrom's Paper comparing Archaeopteryx to Deinonychus fires publics interest in dinosaurs
1979 The world’s largest dinosaur Ultrasaurus discovered in Colorado
1983 Discovery of first Baryonyx by Bill Walker, a plumber and local amateur fossil hunter in Surrey
1990 Discovery of 2 largest specimens of T. rex yet found, in South Dakota. One is 70% complete, and nicknamed 'Sue'.
1996 Liaoning province of northeastern China yields a new dinosaur covered with feathers - Sinosauropteryx prima.
2001 Microraptor, a new Dromaeosaur skeleton, complete with feather structures, discovered in Lianing province of NE China
2002 Jeholornis prima half bird, half dinosaur? Discovered in Liaoning province of Northeastern China.