Name: Florissant Formation
Location: USA
Age: Eocene/ Oligocene (33-34 Mya)
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1. Location

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument is located 35 miles west of Colorado Springs in the State of Colorado, USA. It is a mountain valley named by French settlers for its floral beauty. It is famous for its petrified forests and exceptional arthropod preservations. The whole valley was buried by a volcanic eruption 35 million years ago. At this time it contained a fifteen mile long lake, the initial eruption buried this. Eruptions continued over the next 5-10,000 years, eventually forming layers of shale This lake provided a site for the formation of this konservat-lagerstatte that we see today. Over 60,000 specimens have been collected from the formation, representing over 1800 species. Undoubtedly there are many more discoveries still to be made. This site is world famous and has been designated an American National Monument since 1969.

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