Name: Gogo Formation.
Location: The Kimberley, NW Australia.
Age: Upper Devonian (Frasnian). 350 million years.
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Fig.1 . Location of the Gogo Formation.

Australia offers a great abundance of exceptionally preserved fossil sites, from Pre-Cambrian algal stromatolites to giant carnivorous kangaroos and pythons, Tertiary in age. The most exceptional fossil fauna belongs to the Upper Devonian Gogo Reef Formation, located in the heart of the Kimberley region, NW Australia. The site is situated 100 km SE of the popular backpacking and conservation centre of Fitzroy Crossing within the Geikie Gorge National Park. The discovery of fish fossils by the British Museum and the Western Australia Museum in the mid-twentieth century has given a wealth of information on fossil fishes, especially placoderms, as well as arthropods.

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