Name: Las Hoyas Lagerstatte
Location: Cuenca, Spain
Age: Barremian (Lower Cretaceous)
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5. Links and References


The following links provide additional information on the Las Hoyas fossils and related topics found on the world wide web.

Wings over Spain - An interesting article by Luis M. Chiappe about the Las Hoyas birds, birds from other locations, and early avian evolution.

Pelecaninimus Findings Announced - An article by Jeff Poling about the dinosaur Pelecaninimus fossils found at Las Hoyas and their implications on bird-dinosaur relationships.

Jurassic Puke - A report by Paul Willis of the Nature article by Sanz et al. (2001) article about the first possible finding of dinosaur vomit found at Las Hoyas.

Dinodata - A short entry about Las Hoyas, and links to other interesting fossil locations. Also provides extensive information about some of the fossils found at Las Hoyas. A similar, but not so extensive, website is the Dinosaur Encyclopedia which also has an entry on Las Hoyas.


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