Name: Liaoning Province
Location: China

Age: Early Cretaceous

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Liaoning Province is located in the southern part of the Northeast of China. It borders the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea in the South, the Korean peninsula to the East and faces Japan to the Southeast [1].

Map of China showing the location of Liaoning Province. Redrawn after [1].

Exceptionally well-preserved fossils have been discovered from rocks in Western Liaoning. The fossils have been recovered from the Jehol group and are collectively known as the Jehol Biota. This name was coined as the discoveries were first found in an area that, at the time, was under the jurisdiction of Jehol Province. This was later incorporated into today’s Liaoning Province [2].

The Jehol biota is endemic to East Asia and can also be found in Mongolia, Japan, Korea, and Siberia, although the best representatives of the group are found in China. Palaeogeographic barriers may account for the endemic nature of the fauna. The biota contains a significant number of relict taxa, Pterosaurs and some theropod dinosaurs whose closest relatives are found in the Late Jurassic, a fact that may be accounted for by these barriers [3].

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