Name: Riversleigh Fossil Sites
Location: Queensland, Australia
Age: 25 million years to present
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The Location of the Riversleigh Sites

The Riversleigh Lagerstätte is part of the Lawnhill National Park in North-west Queensland, Australia. It covers an area of 10,000 ha of the southern section of Lawn Hill and lies on the South-west boundary of the Waanyi Aboriginal Clan Territory. The Riversleigh area contains over 250 fossil sites, some of which have been revealed in cliffs of the Gregory river. For positioning, sites are situated between 18o59' to 19o08' South and 138o34' to 138o43' East.

The Riversleigh Fossil Centre is part of the tourist information centre located in Mount Isa, to the South of Riversleigh.


 Location of Riversleigh in relation to Australia and the Riversleigh Fossil Centre in Mount Isa

(I will refere to millions of years ago as (ma) i.e. 25 million years ago - (25ma)

Geological setting and age

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