Fig 1. Location of Ludlow and distribution of Downtonian Series strata in Wales and the Welsh Borderland region (shaded grey). After Bassett et al., 1982.


 Fig. 2a. Plan map of the Ludford Lane outcrop. Modified after Bassett et al., 1982.  Fig. 2b. General view of stratotype section of the Ludlow Bonebed Member (LBBM) marking the base of the Downtonian Series above the Upper Whitcliffe Formation (UWF). The Platyschisma Shale Member (PSM) lies above the Ludlow Bonened Member. Modified after Bassett et al., 1982.

Situated in the quaint leafy lanes of the Welsh Borderland region of England in the county of Shropshire, the holotype section of the Ludford Lane Bonebed outcrops on the southern side of Whitcliffe Road (Ludford Lane) and on the corner where this road intersects the A49 between Ludlow and Leominster (GR SO 5123 7913). The Ludlow Bonebed lagerstatte occurs as a discontinuous 3mm thick muddy siltstone horizon 0.15-0.2m above the Ludlow Bonebed sensu stricto (Bassett et al., 1982) (GR SO 5116 7413).

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