Name: Ludford Lane Bonebed.
Location: Ludlow, Shropshire.
Age: Upper Silurian.

Ludford Lane Bonebed, Shropshire, England.

The Ludford Lane site in Shropshire, England, contains several thin bonebeds (1-~300mm thick) including the famous Ludlow Bonebed first described by Murchison in 1839. The bonebeds typically contain agnathan fish denticles and acanthodian fish scales, eurypterids and phosphatic shelly material but one horizon, the Ludford Lane Bonebed lagerstatte, also contains a relatively high abundance of terrestrial arthropod fragments recording the earliest body evidence of a terrestrial ecosystem. This website concentrates on the rarely and exquisitely preserved remains of these terrestrial arthropods and some of the flora that they would have lived amongst.

  1. Location
  2. Geological setting and age
  3. Fauna and flora
  4. Taphonomy
  5. References and links

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Section author: Thomas James Challands

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