Name: Santana Formation
Lower Cretaceous, 108-92Ma
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Fauna and Flora

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All images reproduced with kind permission of Dr D.M.Martill & Dr. J.G. Maisey.
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Although the Santana Formation is primarily known for its immaculately preserved fossil fishes (as many as 25 species from the 'Romualdo Member'), there are also fine examples of pterosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates (particularly insects), plants, and even dinosaurs.

Other famous Santana fish not represented above, or on these web-pages include, hybodont sharks, rays, coelacanths, Vinctifer, Notelops and Clupeomorphs.

The following diagram (after Maisey, 1991 (drawn by John Quinn)) attempts to represent how the Santana Formation organisms would have looked when alive. N.B. It does not try to reconstruct their palaeoecology.

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Section author: Sally Haseman
Last updated: 20/11/02