Name: Santana Formation
Lower Cretaceous, 108-92Ma
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Map of Brazil, highlighting Araripe Basin (after Martill, 1993)

The 'Araripe Basin' lying at the boundaries of Pernambuco, Piaui and Ceara in north-eastern Brazil, is home to the world famous 'Santana Formation' named after the village of Santana do Cariri.

Due to the exceptional preservation of the fossils within the Santana Formation, the site has been designated as a 'Konservat Lagerstätte'.

The Santana Formation lies at the foot of the 'Chapada do Araripe' (Araripe Plateau), a topographically pronounced feature of the Araripe basin extending some 600-900m above sea level and 200km from east to west.

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Section author: Sally Haseman
Last updated: 20/11/02