Name: The Soom Shale
Location: Cape Province, South Africa
Age: Late Ordovician (Ashgill)


The Soom Shale is found in the Cederberg mountains, in Cape Province, South Africa. The mountains run parallel to the coast north of Cape Town, and their most famous feature is Table Mountain. The Soom Shale is seen at various locations in South Africa, including Keurbos, Holfontein and Sandfontien (see map below). Different locations reveal different fossil finds (see Fauna)

Map showing location of fossil sites. Image used with permission of the Palaeontological Association Table Mountain, Cape Town. Image Courtesy of Citrusdal South Africa Tourism pages

Sneeuberg (Snow Mountain), part of the Cederberg Mountain Range. A view of the Upper Olifants River Valley, with the Cederberg Mountins on the Horizon A view of a typical Cederberg Valley setting

Photographs of the Cederberg Mountains. Images Courtesy of Citrusdal South Africa Tourism pages

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