a catalogue of sites of exceptional fossil preservation
produced by MSc Palaeobiology Students at
University of Bristol's Department of Earth Sciences

Alphabetical index

Precambrian Doushantuo Formation, China Ediacara, Australia
Cambrian Burgess Shale, Canada Chengjiang, China
'Orsten', Baltic shore Sirius Passet Formation, Greenland
Ordovician Soom Shale, South Africa
Silurian Ludlow Bonebed, Welsh Borders
Devonian Gilboa, USA Gogo Formation, Australia
Hunsrück Shale, Germany Rhynie Chert, Scotland
Carboniferous Mazon Creek, USA
Jurassic Karatau, Kazakhstan La Voulte-sur-Rhône, France
Posidonienschiefer, Holzmaden, Germany Solnhofen, Germany
Cretaceous Las Hoyas, Spain Liaoning Formation, China
Santana Formation, Brazil Tlayúa, Mexico
Eocene Grübe Messel, Germany Monte Bolca, Italy
Florissant Formation, USA Princeton Chert, USA
Oligocene/ Miocene Dominican Amber Riversleigh, Australia
Pleistocene Rancho La Brea, USA (1) Rancho La Brea, USA (2)
Lake Turkana, Kenya

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