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Australian Marsupials
American Marsupials
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Sexual Reproduction and Development


Male Reproductive System.

Female Reproductive System.

Seasonal Breeding
Seasonal breeding is breeding at a specific time during the year, and is quite common in all animal groups, mammalian and otherwise. This is because by limiting the breeding period to a specific time of year, the birth period can also be set, and occurs at a time when conditions are favourable and the newborns are more likely to survive. Boundaries between breeding and non-breeding periods are usually gradiated, not absolute, so variations are possible.

During the mating period, a males' testes tend to grow and levels of testosterone increase, and individuals scent mark territories.

Due to their short gestation period, seasonal mating in marsupials occurs close to the time of year most favourable to offspring survival rates. For example, in tammars, the time of peak mating is January and February, for an early Spring birth.

Seasonal Breeding.

Pregnancy, Birth and Diapause.