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Vertebrate palaeontology (Third edition) by M. J. Benton
   The Fossil Record 2
   Fossil Tetrapod Families
   Tetrapods-Pull of Recent
   Mesozoic Bird Database

An electronic source of data matrices from published cladograms. If you wish to submit a data matrix, e-mail it to, using the five-block format shown in the examples given in the store. Send only published data matrices, and include a full reference to the relevant publication.

There are now 141 data matrices in Cladestore [August, 2011].

Select the group of organisms that interests you:

All life

Basal groups

  • Monera
  • Fungi
  • 'Algae'

Animals/ Metazoa


  • Embryobiota (land plants)
    • Marchantiomorpha (liverworts)
    • Anthoceromorpha (hornworts)
    • Bryomorpha (mosses)
    • Polysporangiomorpha
      • Tracheophyta (vascular plants)
      • Lycophytina
      • Euphyllophytina
        • Cladoxylopsida
        • Equisetopsida (horsetails)
        • Filicopsida (ferns)
      • Radiatopses
        • Spermatophytata (seed plants)
          • 'Pteridophyta'
          • 'Gymnospermophyta'
          • Magnoliophyta (angiosperms)

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Thecodontosaurus illustration courtesy of Richard Deasey.
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