Evidence For The Meteor Impact Which Killed The Dinosaurs

Chicxulub Crater: The 'K-T' Smoking Gun

Image courtesy of the American Geophysical Union ( click image to enlarge ).


The dinosaurs amongst many other plants and animals became extinct 65 million years ago at what is known as the K-T Event. There have been many theories put foward to explain the event, some of them more strange than others ( click on the links site for some of these). The currently favoured explanation for this to happen is that a large meteor roughly 10 kilometres in diameter colided with the Earth changing the climate at the time drastically as dust and ash clouded the sky blocking out the sun and stopping the photosynthesis thus cutting off the base of the food chain. At the same time fires raged around the planet as forests caught fire from the intense heat.

This page is to explain the variety of the discoveries between 1980 and 1990 that have led scientists to believe there was a huge impact, and that it caused the death of roughly half of life on the Earth at that time. The evidence is not in historical order as many aspects were revised and amended over the decade. Enjoy......

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