When Life Nearly Died

  • New book, from Thames & Hudson, published in London and New York. Further details, for US readers on the W. W. Norton web site, and for others on the Thames & Hudson web site. A selection of Book-of-the-Month and History book clubs.
  • Now available in an Italian edition, 'La Più grande catastrofe di tutti i tempi', published (July 2005) by Newton & Compton Editori, Roma.
  • A shorter version, 'Wipeout', from New Scientist is at this site.
  • A review article, 'How to kill (almost) all life: the end-Permian extinction event', in the July, 2003 issue of Trends in Ecology and Evolution 18, 358-365 (MJB and R. J. Twitchett) is at this site.
  • University of Bristol press release, 19th June, 2003
  • History Book Club choice, top ten, June, 2003
  • New Scientist top ten best-seller for September, 2003. New Scientist, cover date 30th August, 2003, page 47.
  • New York Society Library, Recommendation, September 2003.

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  • Lecture, Edinburgh Science Festival, 18th April, 2003 - more here
  • Lecture, Borders Bookstore, Bristol, 29th May, 2003
  • Lecture, Bristol University, 14th October, 2003
  • Lecture, Oxford University, 20th October, 2003
  • Lecture, Leicester University, 3rd November, 2003
  • Lecture, University of Tokyo, 19th November, 2003
  • Lecture, National Science Museum, Tokyo, 21st November, 2003
  • Christmas Lecture, Geologists' Association, London, 5th December, 2003
  • Linsdall Richardson Annual lecture, Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club, Cheltenham, 18th March, 2004
  • Lecture, University College, London, 6th December, 2004

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