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Fun Stuff
Bristol palaeobiologists are committed to Public Engagement in Science. Several members of the group have had key roles in the development of the hit BBC TV series Walking with dinosaurs and Walking with beasts. Bristol palaeobiologists have also featured both behind the scenes, and in front of the camera, in more than fifty other palaeobiology programmes on TV and radio, for the BBC Natural History Unit (Bristol), the BBC Science Unit (London), and Discovery Channel (New York).

This commitment is seen also in the numerous textbooks and other books written by members of the group. In addition, each year the group contributes numerous popular articles to books and magazines, in addition to their normal output of scientific papers.

For three years, through 2002-2004, we employed a Bristol Dinosaur Education Officer (BDEO) as part of the Bristol Dinosaur Project. The first BDEO was Caroline Milner, and the second was Tom Challands, both graduates of the MSc programme. Caroline and Tom visited all schools in the Bristol region, and they gave talks and hands-on sessions about dinosaurs to 30,000 children in various age groups. They prepared teaching packs, web materials for kids, and brought school parties into the Palaeo. Lab. to see the project in action.

We also produce extensive web-based educational materials. Masters students, and others, work on web sites about fossil groups, exceptionally preserved faunas, mass extinctions, and all sorts of palaeobiological topics, as an open resource for all.

Thecodontosaurus illustration courtesy of Richard Deasey.
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