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We are keen to involve undergraduates in our research. If you are interested in working with an academic in the Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group, get in touch with them directly, and discuss options. We can point students to a number of funding options.

The Bristol Summer Diversity Internship

Startin in summer 2018, we provide funding for a student from BAME background to work with us. This is a positive move to try to make a difference in diversity overall within the profession of academic palaeontology. Read more here.

Palaeontological Association Undergraduate Research Bursaries

These awards provide funding for up to eight weeks for undergrdautes as a first introduction to research. Each academic can apply for only one, and the closing date is usually in February each year. Read more here, and discuss project topics and how to apply with your potential supervisor(s) in the Bristol academic team.

Students working on their microvertebrate collections as part of their summer internship programme.

At the Feet of the Dinosaurs

As an example of a long-running undergraduate internship scheme, we offer positions each year for five or six students. The scheme offers no funding of its own, but you can seek funding through other schemes if you are interested. Read more about the great achievements of former students on the scheme.

Thecodontosaurus illustration courtesy of Richard Deasey.
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