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Thomas Davies, Palaeontology Laboratory Manager
Thomas Davies,
Palaeo Laboratories Manager 
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Palaeobiology Laboratories

The Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group has several laboratories for specialist work in micropalaeontology, acid digestion, and physical preparation of fossils in the Inner Court Building, and for computed tomography, genomics, and biological preparation in the Life Sciences Building. These pages are a resource for the group, and others.

Method Protocols and Safety Documentation

  1. Inner Court Laboratories Guidelines

Recent News

Jaw mechanics of shell-crushing Jurassic fish revealed by Bristol undergraduate
The feeding habits of an unusual Jurassic fish have been uncovered by a University of Bristol undergraduate in a groundbreaking study which has been published in Palaeontology, a leading scientific journal, this week - a rare achievement for an undergraduate student. The fish, Dapedium, known from the Lower Lias rocks of the Dorset coast around Lyme Regis, was a shell-crusher, and in the new study, Fiann Smithwick applied a multiple-lever mechanical model to nearly 100 specimens, and confirms that it specialised in feeding on shelled animals. Read more.

Thecodontosaurus illustration courtesy of Richard Deasey.
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