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MSc Research Projects

Research projects under offer, or underway, by the current cohort of MSc students are listed in outline below, and full details may be read here.

Project 1: A bizarre blop from Sirius Passet
Project 2: Anatomy and function of a multituberculate skull
Project 3: A total evidence approach to estimate divergence times across Pancrustacea
Project 4: A total evidence approach to Ecdysozoan evolution
Project 5: A total evidence approach to understanding scorpion evolution
Project 6: Biomechanics of Kangaroo Feet: Hopping for a better resolution
Project 7: Cosmine and the interrelationships of bony fishes
Project 8: Environmental impacts on foraminiferal calcification - the Pliocene
Project 9: Evolution of development of vertebrate paired appendages
Project 10: Fossilization of carotenoid pigments
Project 11: Mass estimation in pterosaurs: using convex hull methods in modern bats as an analogue
Project 12: Inferring the ecology and metabolism of the last universal common ancestor of life
Project 13: Is the use of 2D photogrammetry and geometric morphometric analyses a reliable means to investigate bipedalism in hominids?
Project 14: Preservation of ichthyosaur skin - Exceptional fossils from Strawberry bank
Project 15: Selectivity of mass extinctions in Mesozoic marine reptiles: bad genes or bad luck?
Project 16: Soft tissues in the Strawberry Bank fishes and reptiles
Project 17: Soft tissue preservation in calcium phosphate: An experimental approach
Project 18: Strategies in times of crisis
Project 19: The timescale of horse evolution
Project 20: Understanding morphological disparity in Mesozoic archosaurs
Project 21: EvoDevo Alternative: Mechanisms for shape determination in Marchantia polymorpha
Project 22: Cultural Anthropology: Are human marriage systems adaptive in the Darwinian sense?

Projects completed by former graduates of the MSc programme are listed here.

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