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Proffessor R.J.G. Savage 1927-1998
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 Professor Robert J.G. (Bob) Savage
The Bob Savage Memorial Fund
Robert J.G. ('Bob') Savage (1927-1998) established a small fund in 1992 to assist graduate students in palaeontology at the University of Bristol, especially to cover the costs of fieldwork. He later donated his library to the Fund, and sales of his books and papers after his death increased its value and scope. We have annual sales of books, papers, and other donated items to continue the growth of the fund. In 2008, the Callicarpa Trust made a substantial donation.

Two annual competitions are held, for MSc and PhD students in palaeontology at Bristol each year, primarily to support fieldwork, but also to cover museum visits and other activities relating directly to research. The fund does not cover costs of conference attendance: graduate students may apply to the University of Bristol Alumni Fund for this purpose.

The first awards were made in 1999, and five or six awards have been made each year since then. Further details of past awards are given here.

How to Apply

1. Outline, on one side of A4, the research plan for which funding is sought.
2. Summarize costs, and the funds requested. The normal upper limit for an award is £200.
3. Outline other applications. Preference is given to applicants who have tried other sources first. Clarify which previous applications were successful, which rejected, and which still pending.
4. Attach your curriculum vitae.
5. Forward a single pdf (containing the bid, costs, and cv) to Professor Michael Benton.
6. Closing dates are 15th September and 15th March each year.
  To Donate


Donations may be made to increase the effectiveness of the Bob Savage Memorial Fund. Please send cash or cheques (payable to 'University of Bristol') to:

School Administrator
School of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol
wills Memorial Building
Queens Road
Bristol BS8 1RJ, U.K.

Thecodontosaurus illustration courtesy of Richard Deasey.
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