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Proffessor R.J.G. Savage 1927-1998
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 Professor Robert J.G. (Bob) Savage
The Bob Savage Memorial Fund Award Winners

The Bob Savage Memorial Fund was initiated in 1992, based on a generous donation by the late Bob Savage. From 1992-1998, it supported a number of student projects and overseas visits. From 1999, with added donations, the Fund began to make more substantial awards.

2018 Award Winners
  • Simone Conti (MSc): The oldest hadrosaurids from the Pyrenees (field work in Spain)
  • Yasmeen Erritouni (visiting student): Carotenoid preservation in Cretaceous lobsters (field work on Isle of Wight).
  • Jorge Herrera Flores (PhD): The early origin of opisthodontians and the historical biogeography of the Rhynchocephalia (visit to Smithsonian Institution).
  • Richard Kelly (PhD): Field work in Xinjiang, China (contribution to costs)
  • Steven Zhang (PhD): Exploring elephantid dietary evolution using quantitative 3D textural analysis of tooth microwear (laboratory work in Leicester).

2017 Award Winners
  • Jorge Herrera Flores (PhD): Anatomy of marine rhynchocephalians (museum visit to Lyon).
  • Richard Kelly (PhD): Late Triassic insects from the Amisan Formation in South Korea (travel costs).
  • Melisa Morales Garcia (PhD): Functional and ecological diversity of Mesozoic mammals (museum visit to Berkeley, California).
  • Evan Saitta (PhD): Endogenous non-avian dinosaur amino acids from eggshells (laboratory visit to York).
  • Evan Saitta (PhD): Experimental proof of palaeocolour (contribution to travel costs to Arizona to carry out experiments).
  • Steven Zhang (PhD): A phylogenetic reappraisal of Elephantidae (museum visit to New York).
  • Steven Zhang (PhD): Study of Palaeoloxodon from the Penghu Trench (museum visit to Tainan, China).

2016 Award Winners
  • Jorge Herrera Flores (PhD): Redescription of the Jurassic sphenodontian Piocormus (museum visit to Leiden).
  • Jorge Herrera Flores (PhD): A review and phylogenetic position of the British Late Triassic rhynchocephalians (visit to University of Aberdeen).
  • Jake Morton (MSc): Conchostracans of the Late Triassic Bristol fissures (training visit to Berlin).
  • Evan Saitta (PhD): Organic tissue preservation in exceptionally preserved dinosaur bone (fieldwork costs).
  • Evan Saitta (PhD): Investigating fossil cellular structures (analytical work in Newcastle and York).
  • Steven Zhang (PhD): Mammuthus in Europe - origin and early evolution (museum visit to Lyon, France).

2015 Award Winners
  • Joanna Gooding (MSc): Victorian hospital patient morphometrics (visit to Powell Cotton Museum to measure chimp crania)
  • Jennifer Hill (PhD): gnathostome jaw evolution (data collection at the Natural History Museum, London)
  • Aodhán Ó Gogháin (MSc): Carboniferous microvertebrates from New Brunswick (shipping specimens from Canada to UK).

2014 Award Winners
  • Nidia Álvarez Armada (MSc): early echinoderm anatomy (visit to Synchrotron at Zürich)
  • Martin Chávez Hoffmeister (PhD): Antarcic fossil penguins (visit to Bialystok Museum, Poland)
  • Jennifer Hill (PhD): morphometrics of gnathostome lower jaws (visit to Smithsonian Institution, Washington)
  • Ryan Marek (MSci): reconstructing a virtual ichthyosaur skull (summer expenses)
  • Elis Newham (MSc): Mesozoic mammalian teeth and ontogenetic age (research visit to Helsinki)

2013 Award Winners
  • Elis Newham (MSc): Mesozoic mammalian teeth and ontogenetic age (research visit to Helsinki)
  • Jon Forth (MSc): Origins of sauropodomorph dinosaurs (museum visit to Stuttgart and Tübingen)

2012 Award Winners
  • Peter Adamson (MSc): Skeletonisation of Precambrian and Cloudina (laboratory supplies)
  • Naomi Apostolaki (PhD): Pneumatisation of sauropod vertebrae (museum visit, Berlin)
  • Gemma Benevento (MSc): Testing the dinosaur decline hypothesis (institution visits, UK)
  • Davide Foffa (MSc): FEA study of the Dorchester pliosaur (museum visits, UK)
  • Tom Hopkinson (MSci): Giant burrows in the Lower Permian of Devon (fieldwork)
  • Robert Lemanis (MSc): Feeding behaviour of phytosaurs (museum visits, UK, Germany)
  • Jamie MacLaren (MSc): Biomechanics of dinosaurian herbivory (museum visits, UK)
  • Benjamin Moon (PhD): The Late Jurassic ichthyosaur Brachypterygius (museum visits, UK)
  • Edine Pape (MSc): Dermal skeletal development of the Devonian fish Moythomasia (visit to SRXTM in Zürich to micro-CT scan specimens)
  • Chris Rogers (MSc): Diversity of hybodontiform sharks through time (museum visits; software)

2011 Award Winners
  • Naomi Apostolaki (MSc): Pneumatisation in ostrich necks and dinosaur air sacs (museum visits, UK)
  • Tom Baird (MSci): Morphological variance of the carnassial blade in living and fossil carnivores (museum visits, UK)
  • Andrew Cuff (PhD): Biomechanics of ornithomimid dinosaur feeding (museum visits and field work, USA)
  • Claire Desbottes (MSc): Geometric morphometrics of crocodilian jaws (museum visits, UK)
  • Naomi Diver (MSc): Morphological variation in skulls of extant Felidae (museum visits, UK)
  • Eoin Gardiner (MSc): Disparity in the feeding system in crocodylomorphs (museum visits, UK and Germany)
  • Anthony Hancy (MSc): Ediacaran fossils from Mistaken Point (museum visits, UK)
  • Suzanne Jennions (PhD): Historical effects of ocean acidification on Antarctic bivalves (museum visit, Paris)
  • Marilyn Potts (MSc): Global warming, ocean pH, and the planktonic ecosystem (museum visits, UK)
  • Judyth Sassoon (Honorary researcher): Body-size estimation in marine reptiles (museum visits, UK)
  • Sarah Shelley (MSc): Disparity and biogeography of the Iriomote cat (museum visits, UK)
  • Thomas Stubbs (MSc): Mesozoic crocodylomorph disparity (museum visits, UK)
  • Zhao Qi (PhD): Growth patterns in Chinese dinosaurs (museum visits)

2010 Award Winners
  • David Carpenter (MSc): Strontium isotopic analysis of Pennsylvanian vertebrates from Illinois (analytical costs)
  • Isabel Gilbert (MSci): The functional evolution of birds of prey (museum visits, UK)
  • Andrew Smith (MSc): The basal mammal Morganucodon (museum visits, UK)
  • Emily Woodruff (MSc): Disparity in early primate phylogeny (museum visits, UK and USA)
  • Qi Zhao (PhD): Dinosaur histology training programme (University of Bonn)

2009 Award Winners
  • Marco Brandalise de Andrade (PhD): Jurassic crocodilian evolution (museum visit, Berlin)
  • Felix Marx (MSci): Whale evolution (museum visit, Portugal)
  • Kelly Richards (MSc): The early mammal Morganucodon (museum visits, UK)
  • Javier Ortega (MSc): Phylogeny of the basal jawless aglaspidids (museum visits, USA)
  • Ben Slater (MSc): Late jurassic turtle phylogeny (museum visits, UK)

2008 Award Winners
  • Marco Brandalise de Andrade (PhD): Museum visits to study fossil crocodilians in Germany
  • Marco Brandalise de Andrade (PhD): Museum visits to study fossil crocodilians in London
  • Graeme Lloyd (PhD): Museum visits to study early dinosaur fossils in London
  • Felix Marx (MSci): Museum visit to study fossil whales in London
  • Matthew Pound (MSci): Museum visits to study Jurassic archosaurs in London and Cambridge

2007 Award Winners
  • Marco Brandalise de Andrade (PhD): Museum visits to study fossil crocodilians in Brazil
  • Steve Brusatte (MSc): Museum visits to Germany to study basal archosaur phylogeny
  • Steve Brusatte (MSc): Museum visits to Texas, USA to study basal archosaur phylogeny
  • Aude Caromel (MSc): Morphometric studies of Neogene foraminifera in Lyon, France
  • Abby Othman (MSc): Fieldwork in New Brunswick, Canada, on Triassic fossil wood
  • James Tarver (PhD): Travel to Gothenburg, Sweden to prepare and extract hagfish RNA

2006 Award Winners
  • Pam Gill (postdoc) and Felix Marx (MSci): Taxonomic diversity of the early mammal Morganucodon; visit to Cambridge
  • Phil Hadland (MSc): Palaeobiology, palaeoecology and taphonomy of the 'Portland screw'; fieldwork in Dorset
  • Sandra Jasinoski (PhD): Bone histology of dicynodonts, visit to South Africa
  • Luke Mander (MSc): Ecological effects of the Late Triassic extinction event; fieldwork in SW England
  • Andrew Przewieslik (MSci): Pteraichnus trackways of Soria Province, Spain; fieldwork in NE Spain
  • Sarda Sahney (PhD): Late Palaeozoic tetrapod ecosystem evolution, data collection
  • Laura Säilä (PhD): Biogeography and evolution of Russian procolophonids; museum visit to Moscow

2005 Award Winners
  • Ian Corfe (PhD): Tritylodontid origins: translation of Chinese papers
  • Jeremy Martin (MSc): Marine tetrapods from the Early Triassic of Romania; visit to Bucharest
  • Stephanie Pierce (PhD): Jurassic marine crocodilians; visits to British museums
  • Laura Säilä (PhD): Procolophonid specimens; visit to Germany and Scotland
  • Barbara Sánchez Hernández (PhD): Studies of Early Cretaceous tetrapods from Galve, NE Spain
  • Matt Vrazo (MSc): Arthropod invasion of the land; fieldwork in New York State

2004 Award Winners
  • Nicole Davies (PhD): Posture and locomotion of sauropodomorph dinosaurs; visits to museums in Germany and Switzerland
  • Charles Drew (MSc): Taphonomy of Carboniferous amphibians from Ireland; visit to Dublin
  • David Hone (PhD): Phylogeny of basal pterosaurs; visit to Humboldt Museum, Berlin
  • Jeremy Martin (MSc): 3D reconstruction of the shoulder girdle of Grippia; museum visit to USA
  • Dan Oakley (MSc): Late Miocene peat mires in Vegora, northern Greece; fieldwork

2003 Award Winners
  • Ian Corfe (PhD): Re-evaluation of worldwide Oligokyphus species; visits to Tübingen and Stuttgart
  • David Hone (PhD): The prolacertiform diapsids of northern Italy; museum visits
  • Eduardo Llinas-Agrasar (PhD): North African Cenozoic crocodilians; visit to Munich
  • Matthew Riley (MSc): Mid-Cretaceous microvertebrates of north-eastern Spain; fieldwork
  • Kate Yarrington (MSc): Sexual dimorphism in anthracomartid arachnids; museum visits

2002 Award Winners
  • Pam Gill (PhD): Diet and the chemistry of early mammal teeth; chemical analyses
  • Neal Gupta (PhD): Chemistry of fossil preservation, Ardèche, France; fieldwork
  • Debbie Hutchinson (MSc): Ichthyosaur body size change through time; museum visits
  • Nathan Price-Lloyd (MSc): The Lilliput effect after the end-Permian mass extinction, Italy; fieldwork
  • Jane Worrall (MSc): Invertebrate trace fossils from the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire; fieldwork and museum visits

2001 Award Winners
  • Simon Braddy (postdoc): terrestrialization of early arthropods; part costs of visit to Australia
  • Stefan Gabriel (MSc): the forelimbs of sauropod dinosaurs; visit to Berlin
  • Abby Lane (PhD): ghost ranges and diversity, data collection; visit to Copenhagen
  • Eduardo Llinas-Agrasar (PhD): fossil crocodilians from Libya; study of specimens in Paris
  • Lance Morrissey (MSc): the Devonian burrow Beaconites ; fieldwork in the UK
  • Rebecca Smith (MSc): the Lower Jurassic crocodilian Steneosaurus ; museum visits

2000 Award Winners
  • Aaron Hunter (MSc): Mantis shrimps from the Eocene of Monte Bolca, Italy; museum visits
  • Polly Snowden (MSc): New Carboniferous cumaceans (marine Crustacea); visit to Amsterdam
  • Emmanuel Fara (PhD): The Lower Jurassic crocodilian Pelagosaurus ; museum visits
  • Pam Gill (PhD): The early mammal Kuehneotherium ; museum visits

1999 Award Winners
  • Gareth Dyke (PhD): Study of fossil bird specimens in China
  • Max Langer (PhD): Basal dinosaurs from Germany; museum visits
  • Davide Pisani (PhD): Incongruence among published phylogenies of tetrapods; visit to London

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