Name: The Soom Shale
Location: Cape Province, South Africa
Late Ordovician (Ashgill)

The Soom Shale

The Soom Shale is a Konservat-Lagerstatte. This means a deposit where the fossils show exceptional preservation. They occur in environments where no bioturbation or scavenging took place, and can sometimes bypass decay and decomposition. They are likely to be deposited in anoxic conditions, where quick preservation can occur on a local scale.

Section author: Tim Coussens

Last updated: 20/11/02

This section is part of a Fossil Lagersttten web site which has been built up as a result of the efforts of the 2002-3 MSc Palaeobiology class in the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Bristol, as part of a course in Scientific Communication.

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