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The Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group (PRG) consists of fifty or more people - staff, postdocs, honorary research fellows, PhD students, MSc students, and MSci students. Current staff and postdoctoral fellows are listed below, and PhD students here. Since 1990, over 100 PhD students and postdocs from the Bristol PRG have gone on to employment, and we give details of what they are now doing here.


  • Ms Rehemat Bhatia: Geochemical signatures of biotic response to extreme climates (ERC, Paleogenie)
  • Dr Heather Birch: Planktic ecosystem recovery after the KPg boundary (ERC, Paleogenie)
  • Dr Arnau Bolet: Macroevolution os Mesozoic lepidosaurs (Newton International Fellow)
  • Dr Chenyang Cai: Beetle phylogeny, the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution, and the efficacy of molecular clock methods
  • Dr Hugo Dutel: Functional evolution of the skull during the evolution of lobe-finned fishes and early tetrapods (NERC PDRA).
  • Armin Elsler: Ecosystem resilience and recovery from the Permo-Triassic crisis (NERC-BETR PDRA)
  • Dr Roberto Feuda: The evolution of neurogenic gene regulatory networks (Royal Society URF)
  • Dr Andy Fraass: Does plasticity influence speciation (NERC, Piston)
  • Dr Liz Martin-Silverstone: The influence of mechanical loading on cranial development and function in zebra fish (BBSRC PDRA). Read Liz's (very self-effacing) blog.
  • Dr Benjamin Moon: Ecosystem resilience and recovery from the Permo-Triassic crisis (NERC-BETR PDRA; ERC-Innovation PDRA)
  • Dr Joseph O'Reilly: Co-evolution of Earth and animal life across the Proterozoic-Phanerozoic transition (NERC-BETR PDRA)
  • Dr Celine Petitjean: Phylogenomics of microbial eukaryotes (NERC PDRA).
  • Dr Bruno Fonseca Simoes: Vision in snakes (EU Marie Curie-Skłodowska Research Fellow)
  • Dr Tom Stubbs: Innovation and opportunity in the evolution of life (ERC-Innovation PDRA).
  • Dr Li Tian: Ecosystem reconstruction during Permian-Triassic on land (NSFC Fellow)
  • Ms Chloe Todd: Does developmental plasticity influence speciation? (NERC PGRA-Technician).
  • Dr Kelly Vargas: Origin of bilaterians (CNPq Brazil, Research Fellow).


Thecodontosaurus illustration courtesy of Richard Deasey.
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